Hot yoga contradictions

Hot yoga contradictions

Despite all hot yoga benefits there are still some potential dangers that you need to be aware of. Too much heat may lead to different problems such as heat exhaustion, heat stroke or joint and muscle damage. Here we will tell you why it happens and how to practice hot yoga and be safe.

Heat exhaustion and Heat stroke

Exercising in the heat (outdoors or indoors) can overwhelm your body’s ability to control its core temperature. That can lead to heat stroke, a potentially fatal condition in which your heart, liver, kidney, and other organs shut down. Far less serious, but more common, is heat exhaustion. That can cause muscle cramps and can make you light-headed, dizzy, and physically wiped out.

Joint and muscle damage

Some people think they can stretch deeper in the heat. But overstretching your muscles actually backfires and can lead to joint problems, inflammation, and arthritis. Orthopedic surgeons are seeing more and more yoga injuries.
Avoid overstretching. You should feel tension, not pain. Hold the stretch; never bounce. That can cause small muscle tears.


Hot, humid gyms can be a breeding ground for germs.
Don’t share mats, towels, or clothing with others. If you use a gym mat, cover it with a clean towel, or clean with alcohol spray or wipes. Bandage any cuts or scrapes. And if the room is dirty or wet with sweat, leave.

So remember, anytime exercise is conducted in extreme temperatures, it’s important to remain hydrated and to watch signs for overheating