Our Graduates

Kasaundra Williams

Kasaundra was introduced to yoga by her mother and has been practicing for more than 15 years. While studying psychology she learned the effects of mindfulness and meditation and began to deepen her yoga practice.

She completed her 200-RYT at Hot Yoga Academy in July 2016 and after her 300-RYT in 2019. She has been teaching vinyasa style classes at the Hot Yoga Academy studio in Barcelona (Yogalinda) and offering private sessions since 2016. Kasaundra become the studio manager in March 2018 after teaching classes and helping in reception at the studio. Her management style is second to none and treats both the clients and the staff with respect. She has completed the Adjustment workshop at the Hot Yoga Academy and Heather is now mentoring Kasaundra to help teach in the Hot Yoga Teacher Trainings.

Sarah Peters

Since completing her RYT at Hot Yoga Academy Sarah now teaches at four different yoga studios in Bloomington, Indiana (USA) and surrounding areas, teaching ten to fifteen classes a week. She is also the Studio Manager at Ekah Yoga a small yoga co-op.
Sarah (Skip) began practicing yoga regularly in 2011. She enjoys the challenge of a hot class with the balance of asanas and pranayamas. Yoga has helped her keep her stress and anxiety in check. As her passion of yoga grew with each class she confesses she fostered a slight addiction to yoga. Her love for travel brought her to complete her 200 Hour Teacher Training Certification from Hot Yoga Academy in Barcelona, Spain with certification in Hot Vinyasa Yoga in 2016. Since then she had a wrist injury unrelated to yoga and underwent two surgeries. Yoga has given her the tools to rebuild strength and increase mobility mindfully with patience and awareness. She brings an understanding that everybody is different and yoga can be adapted to fit your own specific needs. She enjoys the creativity of Vinyasa flow and all the possibilities for personal expression. She hopes to cultivate a continual awareness of mind and body with each breath as it guides you throughout your own practice so you can live mindfully on and off the mat.

Samantha Merlini

“I started my yoga journey 4 years ago in Toronto. I started practicing at Moksha Yoga Etobicoke after I bought a one month unlimited pass. After the first class I became hooked. Moksha Yoga helped introduce me to the world of yoga and the healing it brings both physically and mentally. I made the decision to deepen my practice and I have never regretted my decision since. This training opened myself up into a whole new world.Currently, I have been teaching yoga for the ladies at my work at lunch-time, as well as teaching family and friends on my free time. My goal for the next few months is to slowly integrate myself into the studio I started at, eventually teaching the Vinyasa class that the studio offers.

Meagan Klein

Meagan has been teaching for 3.5 years after completation of her RYT at hot yoga academy, she is even more in love with yoga and being an instructor! So far, she has opened up a yoga business called Mula Yoga and has worked at some of the top hot yoga studios in Belgium and in Copenhagen. Her teacher training inspired a new education and a new life thanks to Lezanne and Heather. Meagan strongly believes in a combination of yoga, fitness, and holistic nutrition as a form of personal transformation. If you need more proof, check out how she changed her life and went from being 115 kilos (250lbs) to where she is now! Meagan hopes to share her secrets to success and help her students achieve the same level of well-being she has been able to.

Inma Leal

Inma was born in Seville and has been living in Madrid since 2008. For eight years she usually practiced Hatha Yoga, guided by her friend and mentor, Verónica Astesana. Because of her natural attraction to everything that is new and challenging, she discovered new styles of Yoga during her path. She studied techniques based on breathwork, stomach vacuum, and postural re-education, a technique that is now known as Hypopressure and practiced in Yoga as Uddiyana Bandha. She is a certified Vinyasa Yoga teacher, completed under the supervision of Heather Anderson at Hot Yoga Academy. She’s also a Prenatal Yoga teacher by Escuela Omma, where, with the guidance of Montse Cob, she studied in depth the female aspects of Yoga, and thanks to her, she has learned about all the subtle aspects that make each woman unique.

In summer of 2016, she obtained her Certificate in Yoga Education (C.Y.ED), Yoga Pravesh & Yoga Parichei, by Sri Krishna Classical Yoga, in Rishikesh, India, where she left a piece of her own heart.

Megan Bright

Meganis originally from New York but currently lives in Northern Ireland. (more specifically – Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland). She has sent the following message: ”I completed the Hot Yoga Academy 200- hour Teacher Training Program in July 2017. Since then I’ve been teaching classes at two studios, bringing my love of hot vinyasa yoga to my area in Ireland. Currently, I’m planning my first workshop for the New Year called ‘Reflect and Reset’ which I’m very excited about. Yoga teacher training was the beginning of a new chapter in my life. While I know I still have much to learn, it was an essential step that has helped guide me on a journey of self-discovery and awareness that is the Path of Yoga.”

Ricardo Coll

Ricardo Coll is a registered 200hr Hot Vinyasa teacher from Hot Yoga Academy and has completed a Yin Yoga TT, Five Tibetan Rites TT and KCR therapy training.  He runs an Inn in Normandy, France called Carbonnelle where he teaches yoga and KCR therapy sessions.  He is an experienced cinematographer and is fluent in several lanugages including spanish, french and English.