Being Grateful

Being Grateful The time of Thanksgiving is quickly approaching and during this time, we reflect on all of the things we are grateful for. The United States and Canada celebrate an official holiday each year that has historically been for expressing gratitude for the bountiful harvests and the blessings of the past year. Canada’s Thanksgiving

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Aparigraha, yoga and social media

Aparigraha, yoga and social media I think that, in the west, we forget that yoga is a life-encompassing practice. As yogis, nothing is separate from yoga. Every aspect of our existence weaves in and out of each other, intertwined with our yoga practice, whether or not we realize it when it’s happening. Something I’ve been

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Women & Empowerment in Yoga

Women Empowerment and Yoga When we first start yoga we are constantly looking at the other people in the room and thinking “wow I wish I could do that, like the girl in the first row”.  We judge ourselves compared to the other students, wishing that our body was capable of doing things that people that have been practicing yoga for

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Giving and Receiving

Giving & Receiving

Giving and Receiving When it comes closer to the holiday season, we often get stressed out in finding the perfect gift for our loved ones. As gift givers we really want the receiver to enjoy and love the gift. We put pressure on ourselves to give the best possible gift to each loved one in

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