Silent Retreat

What is a Silent Retreat

What is a silent retreat A silent retreat is a structured period of time, typically ranging from a few days to several weeks, during which participants refrain from speaking and often limit other forms of communication as well, such as gestures, eye contact, or writing. These retreats are usually held in serene, natural settings like […]

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The benefits of a silent retreat are outstanding and everyone should go on at least one in their lifetime

My silent journey

My silent journey I think my silent journey began when my parents bought a country house about 1.5 hrs from Toronto, Canada. I was forced to go up every weekend from when I was 13 years old which is what I think started my appreciation for nature and silence.  I would often walk in the

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Mantras of meditation

Mantras for Meditation

Mantras for Meditation A mantra is an energy or subtle vibration with big power used for different purposes such as, waking consciousness. Everything is evolves from a vibration. It is an internal movement of being or body. So the movement is life. If movement is life and vibration is movement we can determine vibration as vital energy.

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