Benefits of Prenatal Yoga

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Pregnancy is a gift that many women choose to partake in. When women find out they are pregnant they are happy, joyful and also fearful of the pregnancy process and birth. Often women fear the unknown and through yoga they are able to connect with their bodies and their newborn baby, find their breath and move their bodies in a safe and healthy way. There are not many exercises or sports that pregnant women can do other then walking and swimming so finding the perfect prenatal yoga class keeps the body moving during the 9mths of gestation.

Women often try yoga for the first time while pregnant. It is such a safe space for women and no previous knowledge is necessary to do any of the yoga poses in a prenatal class. They learn to connect to their bodies and their newborn baby while moving, breathing, relaxing and connecting with other moms.

Community is a big part of a prenatal yoga class. Women find it useful to share past birth stories, discuss hospitals in the area or the option of home births, image issues concerning weight gain and advice is shared amongst the women. Often these pregnant clients become friends and later meet up and do mom and baby yoga together or meet for a coffee with their newborn child. Often women find themselves lost while pregnant, as they do not have friends to talk to who are in the same situation. Prenatal yoga gives women instant pregnant friends that also live in the area!

Below is a further list of benefits of prenatal yoga:

  • Prenatal yoga is a form of exercise that can be done safely while pregnant.
  • It can help with breathing and your respiratory system.
  • Provides more comfort for the mother by providing relief of back pain. Sciatica or other ailments.
  • Easier birthing experience as visualizations and breathing techniques are performed during class.
  • Make friends that are also pregnant.
  • Community to speak with other pregnant mothers about fears, joys and questions about the birth process.
  • Maybe the only time in your day or week that you are able to connect with your baby and feel comfortable being pregnant.
  • Yoga is a good stress relief.
  • Helps circulation, strengthens the legs, opens the hips and strengthens the pelvis.
  • Often other then swimming the only sport doctors recommend you do while pregnant.
  • Ability to do prenatal yoga all the way to your due date or even past your due date.

With so many benefits it is not surprising that prenatal yoga is so popular. Look for a yoga studio in your area that has prenatal yoga classes or join Heather on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 10am for a prenatal flow class where you can release share and connect with your baby.

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