Why do we always make New Year’s resolutions

New Year’s resolutions

Life is a road that we build with every passing day, and we need to make important choices and sacrifices if we want it to be the way we dream it to be. You need to make radical chances in everything that didn’t work out for you, and continue going forward, and in good spirits, with everything else that did. And what better way to do it than with a whole new year?

Some people think about a hundred, or more, resolutions for their list, but they never bother to review them as soon as they’re done writing it all down! What about if this time you only plan on three goals?

It may not look like much, but you’ll see plenty of positive results if you meet all of them by years’ end.

-Take care of your health

-Take care of the people you love

-Make the best out of time

It isn’t much, is it? But if you stop and think carefully about each one of these points, you’ll find that you’ve got plenty of work on your hands, that you will have to go the extra mile, that sometimes you won’t be able to meet the goals, but that what’s really important in the end is to continue with your objective. And what objective is that? To be happy with yourself, with what you do and the people around you.

What is behind these goals?

Take care of your health: You need to eat well, do exercise (like yoga!), sleep 7-8 hours a night, smile at people, be always thankful, stop smoking and drinking alcohol, go out to the country and take a deep breath of fresh air.

Take care of the people you love: Spend more, quality, time with your family, respect the opinions and life choices of others, call your friends, be warmer and more loving with your partner, take care of the environment and recycle trash, take a long walk or bicycle ride instead of your car or the bus, be more patient and tolerant with others.

To make the best out of time: Wake up early, avoid social media, read more books, learn a new language or how to play an instrument, improve your Yoga practice, watch less TV and be more productive at your job.

It is also important to keep thinking about that one goal that has always been on your list, but that you haven’t given the first step in order to carry it out. This 2018 may be the year when you finally meet this secret goal that you have always had, so stop thinking about it and get to work! Like perhaps do your  yoga teacher training certificate.

One last, but very important, thing: Your goal list needs to be located somewhere visible, that way you will be able to see it daily and keep track of your development. It is also a good idea to program a three months reminder in your mobile phone’s alarm, so that the daily routine won’t get in your way of reviewing it.