Breathing (Conscious Breathing)

Conscious Breathing


Conscious Breathing is not like other pranayama techniques. Generally, you are lying down on your back in a relaxed position for 40min to an hour breathing in an active way, either through your nose and out your nose or through your mouth and out your mouth.

You are not breathing to relax you are breathing in an active sense trying to concentrate on an intention until you are able to release that intention.

Normally it is best to pick something you want to work on before beginning your breathing session, for example your relationship with your mother, your fear of the unknown or your relationship with money. Pick something specific and spend the whole conscious breathing experience on this intention. Do not let your mind defer from that specific goal. You may find that you will feel a lot of pain in your body trying to relieve this issue you are facing. You are meant to go to this pain, and breath through it. Sometimes it may feel like you are going to have a heart attack as some issues are very painful to bring up and deal with and we often do not want to let them go. As long as you stay with it and let yourself know it is ok often you will get out the other side, there may be some or a lot of crying.

Conscious Breathing
Conscious Breathing

Sometimes you may need more then one session to get through your issue. Sometimes not everyone will be able to get through it and go to the pain. We often want to get over things but sometimes our bodies and minds are not ready to let them go.

Overall, for me it is generally a very profound experience. It often takes a lot out of me with crying throughout the breathing and going on a visual journey afterwards talking to my spirit guides, deceased loved ones or other imagery associated with the issue. Please note you may not experience what I go through for everyone it is a different experience. My suggestion is to try and see if it helps you therapeutically.

If you are very depressed or in a fragile mental state I would suggest staying away from conscious breathing until you feel ready to deal with some of the issues that have come up in your life.

By Heather Anderson