The usefulness of a silent yoga retreat

The usefulness of a silent yoga retreat


Several days have passed since the silent yoga retreat I did with Hot Yoga Academy ended and I wonder what have I learned, what am I more aware of, how has it helped me? Going on a silent retreat produces some vertigo and excitement. But the idea of ​​not talking, of not being able to carry items to distract oneself such as books, a notebook to take notes or music was perhaps what most “bothered me”.

I am someone who talks a lot, and sometimes I tend to fill spaces of silence with words just for speaking.

One of the activities that I enjoy the most in life is communicating with my family, my partner and my friends, listening to them and discussing various topics. So the idea of ​​not speaking voluntarily (silence of Mouna), it was as if I was flying at full speed over a city full of people, buildings and sounds, I decided to walk very slowly in the middle of the forest and in total solitude listening only to my thoughts. The idea made me a little scared; to spend time with myself grounded my feet to the ground.

On the other hand, I tend to do every activity of my life at high speed without there really being pressure to do it, but many times, I am late when I have an appointment and I rush to take the bus, a bike or almost running by the street so as not to be late. It is contradictory and does not make sense. I have found myself eating breakfast in four minutes or brushing my teeth as if someone was knocking insistently on the bathroom door. My idea of ​​time is to use everything completely, at all times to be doing something useful. So spending three days in a country house doing “nothing” made me quite uneasy, so I left thinking that what will I learn at this retreat. What is the use of being with oneself, without a mobile, without the world outside existing, in a safe and calm environment?

I believe that a few days of silence are good for everybody, regardless of whether he wants to find something specific in this type of retreat, or arrives there to answer a question from his life. Silence is necessary for certain issues to emerge. In my case, I was looking for the utility of being alone with me for a few days and I ended up finding something else. I realized that I am in a hurry in unnecessary activities, to answer a message, to finish eating, to know the time at all times; because what I am doing is finished to start doing the following. It seems like a simple find, but for me it has been quite a discovery, it is incredible that I have not noticed it before. I think that, although a silent yoga retreat does not solve your life, it does make you aware of issues that it is better to start solving, in which you must work to live more fully and enjoy each moment.

silent yoga retreat is not going on vacation, you should prepare a little if you have not done some meditation before because the days of this practice, without being excessive, do require being familiar with the idea of ​​sitting with your thoughts for 30, 45 or 60 minutes in the same position. At least try to keep it as long as possible. I insist that this retreat is not going on vacation, although if I think about the Nidra yoga sessions, the self-massages that promote self-care, the delicious vegan food prepared by Heather and Lezanne and the silent walk in the country I would say that it is somewhat similar. It is like a vacation from the outside world to get to know yourself better. Repeating it would always be a great option.

By Cristina Arenas