Can the colour of your yoga mat affect your yoga practice?

colour of the mat

Can the colour of your yoga mat affect the kind of Yoga class you have? 

If colour psychology has any say in the matter, choosing wisely when it comes to the shade of your yoga mat could make some difference to your practice.  This may also help you when you decide to buy a yoga mat too!


Red grabs our attention, stimulates us, raises our pulse and increases our circulation. In other words: it’s a physical reaction. Try unrolling a red mat in the hot room when you’re a little low on energy and need a fire lit under your feet – just remember to hydrate well and replenish your electrolytes, too.



Feisty orange could infuse a little lightheartedness into your practice. Use an orange mat when you need to remind yourself: “it’s yoga practice, not yoga perfect.” Who knows? Maybe having a little more fun in the hot room will help you master an especially challenging posture!


Radiant, joyful yellow could be the right yoga mat on days you’re feeling blue. When the teacher tells you to lock both knees “with your smiling, happy face,” think of your cheerful yellow mat and slowly lift each corner of your mouth toward the ceiling 🙂


Located in the middle of the spectrum, green is often used to represent balance and harmony. If you’re having trouble with any of the balancing postures, like Standing Head to Knee and Standing Bow, a green mat may be the perfect practice pad.


Unlike the physical reaction caused by red, blue affects us mentally. With the ability to calm the mind and aid in concentration, a blue yoga mat may help you better focus on the dialogue and execute each posture precisely, to the best of your ability.


The colour with the shortest wavelength is said to help take awareness to a higher level. By encouraging deep contemplation and meditation, a purple yoga mat could help your practice reach new spiritual heights.


Is there too much yang and not enough yin in your practice? Pink, representing the feminine principle, could correct this. Yoga (which literally means to yoke or join) aims to unite the sun’s masculine energy with the moon’s feminine energy, creating more balance and power in every practitioner.

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