The benefits of having a silent wellness retreat at your company

benefits of corporate retreat


There are several event companies that specialize in corporate retreats.  Most retreats are full of team-building activities, entertainment and above all food and alcohol.  They are fun and often tiring for the employees. 

Wellness retreats on the other hand can also be full of team-building activities, entertainment and food with their employees feeling focused, happy, relaxed, calm and rejuvenated.   How do you want your employees to feel after your corporate retreat?  Tired or Rejuvenated?

Maybe heading towards the countryside instead of a city retreat is really what will benefit your employees.  Retreats are meant to be fun but it would also be great to create a life changing experience and feel relaxed and focused when you are finished as well. The long term benefits for the company and employee wellbeing is definitely better suited in a wellness retreat then in a regular city corporate retreat.

When you spend 3 or 4 days in the country with nature, eating healthy, meditating, and in complete silence, you leave feeling relaxed, calm, wanting more and just being more grateful for what you have.  Above all, you leave happy and feel very connected to the other people in the group.  Silent retreats have an amazing ability to connect and create team-building without even speaking to one another.  The side-effects often stay with the participant for weeks after leaving. 

Here is a list of benefits of having a silent wellness retreat for your employees at your company:


  • Employees enjoy time together outside of work
  • Learn new skills
  • Bond over team building exercises generally in the outdoors or in a creative avenue
  • Connect

Mental health through silence

  • Being more focused
  • Happy
  • Relaxed & Calm
  • Confident

Healthy Lifestyle

  • Better Nutrition
  • Fitness
  • Work/life Balance
  • Silence

The noise while working in an office or at home in a city or town is overwhelming sometimes.  Getting away into the silence and the wilderness is what most employees need and want even if they are reluctant to do it.  Removing all technology and communication can be a challenge but the benefits completely outweigh the fear of silence.  Being with your mind in silence, with your colleagues surrounding you in nature can really help clear up any emotional blockages you may have within yourself as well as any issues you have with team members.

HYA Corporate works with you to create a bespoke retreat to your specifications.  Contact Heather if you like to hear more about how silent retreats can benefit your company. 

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