Hot Yoga

What is Hot yoga really?

What is ‘Hot Yoga’ really? Hot Yoga first came to Spain 14 years ago, when Bikram Yoga opened their first studio in Madrid. Nowadays it seems that there are Hot Yoga Studios opening up in every major city of Spain from A Coruña to Marbella. But what is ‘Hot Yoga’ really? Hot Yoga is a general term for Yoga …

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Women & Empowerment in Yoga

Women Empowerment and Yoga When we first start yoga we are constantly looking at the other people in the room and thinking “wow I wish I could do that, like the girl in the first row”.  We judge ourselves compared to the other students, wishing that our body was capable of doing things that people that have been practicing yoga for …

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Giving and Receiving

Giving & Receiving

Giving and Receiving When it comes closer to the holiday season, we often get stressed out in finding the perfect gift for our loved ones. As gift givers we really want the receiver to enjoy and love the gift. We put pressure on ourselves to give the best possible gift to each loved one in …

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Prenatal Yoga - Foto de Gustavo Fring en Pexel

Benefits of Prenatal Yoga

Benefits of Prenatal Yoga Pregnancy is a gift that many women choose to partake in. When women find out they are pregnant they are happy, joyful and also fearful of the pregnancy process and birth. Often women fear the unknown and through yoga they are able to connect with their bodies and their newborn baby, find …

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Arjuna and His Charioteer Krishna Confront Karna

The message of The Gita

The message of The Gita The influence of the Bhagavad Gita The Bhagavad Gita presents questions such as: How can someone live a life spiritually meaningful without withdrawing from society? What can someone who does not want to give up family and social obligations do to live the right way? About dharma: Dharma means “what is right”. …

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