What is Acroyoga?


Acroyoga is a combination of three disciplines; Yoga, therapeutic massage and acrobatics. Through this practice – which is performed solo, trio or in a group – trust, empowerment, empathy and many other physical, mental and emotional aspects are cultivated and developed.

During practice each person has a role: the base, serves as the person on the ground. The base’s role is to use the force of his legs and arms keeps to keep the flyer in the air. The flyer is the yogi who performs postures and flows in the air using the base. And of course there is the caretaker, who controls and looks after the movements of the participants. It is not only a fun and energizing practice but is also therapeutic aspects, including stretching and massage, and Yoga incorporating important aspects such as asanas, breathing awareness and posture, alignment and activation of the body.

Some of the benefits of the practice of Acroyoga are:

  • Development of multiple physical qualities: strength, flexibility, coordination and correct alignment.
  • Development of postural awareness and breathing; since when performing the postures and flows, the movement is coordinated with the breath and requires a great deal of focus during execution of the postures and developed mind-body connection.
  • Therapeutic Properties; since the flying receives stretches and is massaged by the base, by being suspended in the air and maintaining contact with certain body parts.
  • Confidence in yourself and in others.
  • Create community from empathetic relationships and strong friendships by sharing a new and challenging practice.
  • Artistic and creative development, where everyone can create and explore new and different positions and flows through connecting with peers.
  • Fun, freedom, joy and expression.

In addition to all of these wonderful benefits, one of the greatest things about acro is that it is a practice that can be done anywhere; all you is need someone who is willing to play and a flat surface.

Translated by Meagan Maria Klein
By Alba Vita